Roberta was born in Fidenza in 1966, gets a diploma at the “G. D’Annunzio”classical high school and then takes a degree in foreign languages and literature at Parma’s University. Being deeply interested in every form of art, since her childhood she studies music and, later, she attends many painting and ceramic firing classes. During college, for six years she also gets to a sculpture and painting school, where she learns to work the clay together with various painting techniques on ceramic.

For some years she was a teacher and, since 1995, she lives in Salsomaggiore Terme where she has been fascinated by Galileo Chini art works at Terme Berzieri and so decides to open her own little ceramic laboratory.
Since 2011 she takes part of some exhibitions in Parma and around together with other local artists; but the very turning point in her artistic career comes in 2016 in Albisola, where she was gone to learn shaping vases on the wheel, and meets the master of contemporary art Giorgio Moiso becoming his student. Now she is living and working in Parma where she has her own atelier of art.